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What 'Colic' Really Means

Despite all the scientific research and technological developments we’ve seen in the last 100 years regarding the health and proper care of infants, there remains one unfortunate mystery nobody has definitively cracked: Colic.

What's behind holistic parenting

“Green,” “organic” and “holistic” are buzz words these days, both in the media and on store shelves. But for an increasing number of parents, those words help define their approach to parenting.

The 7 Fundamental Ideals of Holistic Parenting

The Holistic Moms Network believes there are 7 fundamental ideals for holistic parenting: 

1. Making informed and educated parenting decisions around issues such as childbirth, breastfeeding, healthcare and well-being, nutrition, interpersonal communication, and education.

2. Seeking respectful and nurturing relationships with others, imparting the values of empathy, love, and compassion to our children, and embracing attachment parenting techniques (including babywearing, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and positive discipline).

Who is the right pediatrician for you?


A good pediatrician is one of a parent’s best assets. Pediatricians are trained to be experts on everything from infant and child health and development, to nutrition and behavioral issues. A pediatrician will help to guide you from the moment of your child’s birth until your child is young adult. Finding the right pediatrician for you and your child takes effort, but the payoff is well worth it. Here are some tips to help guide your search:

Staying Fit Before, During and After Pregnancy

Whether a woman is trying to get pregnant, already is pregnant, or just gave birth, there are two things on her mind: The first is her baby, and the second is her body.

Women everywhere fret about how pregnancy affects the way her body looks, feels, moves and recovers from those long 40 weeks and the grueling sprint to the “finish line.” For some, pregnancy is a license to relax and indulge. For others, it’s a battle of insecurity as the numbers on the scale go up and her energy levels go down.

The old assumption that pregnant women are too fragile for a real fitness routine is not true, says personal trainer Ian Hart, owner of EarthFIT in Beaufort. Hart shared with us some insight into the best ways a woman should approach fitness before, during and after pregnancy.