LAF resources

In addition to the early childhood development program, the LAF Comprehensive Therapy Center provides two other critical services.


LAF continues to support the regional autism community through its evaluation team, made up of volunteers from multiple disciplines that provide diagnostic evaluations to determine if a child has an autism spectrum disorder. Before LAF was founded in 2007, local children were faced with months of waiting for assessments and expensive, sometimes unreliable therapy options.

After School Social Skills Group:

LAF offers a daily, one and a half hour social skills session for a group of up to six children. The social skills group intensively focuses on strengthening the skills necessary for a child to successfully interact with others, and is also an excellent method of helping children generalize the skills they have learned in private ABA therapy sessions. Activities include games, music, art, social stories, and role-playing.

These sessions are open to children ages 6 and up. Neurotypical peers are encouraged to volunteer for group participation, at no cost, to serve as peer models for other children. Children may attend two, three or five sessions per week.