Displaying and Storing Children’s Artwork


You can frame a collage of your children’s artwork

You can select one piece and frame it with matting

You can use empty frames with corkboard, clips or clothespins to change out the artwork. Depending on your style you can use all the same frames or mix and match. You could also paint the frames to make your décor.


Ribbon and Clothespins

Mount hooks and connect with ribbon. Then you can secure the artwork with clothespins. 

Yardstick and clothespins

This one is so easy. Hot glue clothespins to a yardstick. Mount to the wall with nails or screws and add artwork. You could also so this as a home message center, with calendars, invitations, etc.

Large corkboard

Cover corkboard with fabric. I stapled it in place on the back. Secure artwork with pushpins.


I know it is so hard to purge our children’s artwork. I try to only keep one hanging folder per school year. I love to see how much they have grown with their coloring and writing skills from the beginning of the year to the end.