Dirty Diapers

Sometimes parenting can be down right messy. Bluffton mom Laura Jacobi doesn't hold back in her blog that airs the dirty diapers on parenting a toddler and balancing work, family and "me" time.

Love is not enough

All you need is love. I’m sure we’ve all heard that and probably thought it at some point during our relationships. I’m here to tell you that that is a bunch of bull, in my opinion.

My husband Curt and I loved each other very much before we had Cole (and after of course). We were together for eight years before having our first child and felt we knew one another and understood each other well. During the years we entertained the idea of starting a family and the two years it took us to get pregnant, we had several discussions about how we wanted to raise our children. You know what I mean: how we plan to discipline, who will be responsible for diaper changes, etc. We felt quite prepared to take on the roles of Mommy and Daddy and still be husband and wife.

Reflections on turning two

Dear Cole,

Right now, most of Mommy's communication with you sounds like this, "Sit in your chair" or "Keep that out of your mouth" and of course, "Don't hit Mommy." I hope that on day you will learn that Mommy is best able to share her feelings by writing them down. As I began writing the thank you letters to family for all of the birthday gifts they gave you, I decided to write a letter thanking you for all the gifts you've given me.

Nature or Nurture?

I was having lunch with a friend of mine who was sewn from the same cloth as me. We’re lucky enough to have sons close in age and every lunch conversation gravitates toward them.

We’re chatting about the latest challenges we’re facing with our growing toddlers and she brought up something I wrote in my first blog. My first reaction was, “wow, someone actually reads these things.” But once I stopped patting myself on the back, I really started to listen to what she was saying and realized she was describing exactly how I felt the first few months of mommyhood.

The battle of Acid Reflux

When I was researching an article on postpartum depression, I spoke to a mom who had suffered from the disease. One of the things she mentioned that made life so paralyzing for her was her daughter’s severe acid reflux. All the things that go along with that made it even harder for her to take care of her daughter and even leave the house. I totally empathize with her.

Feeding Frenzy

The only thing worse than having such trouble trying to breastfeed your son is having no one around who understands what you were going through. Of course I had friends who breastfed their little ones and there was the support group at Hilton Head Hospital – which was great (and whether you‘re breastfeeding or not, I highly recommend it). But the ones around me 24/7 such as my husband, mother and mother-in-law had no idea of the emotions that went along with this struggle.

The quiet hour

My small group of friends have been blessed recently. By the time March rolls around (sooner than we know it), we will have three new bundles of joy to love and nurture. With every diaper cake, pacifier shower favor and ultrasound photo, it takes me back to two years ago when I was pregnant and ready to pop. The anxious feelings, the worrying if I got the nursery designed just right and the ultimate fear that I had no idea what Curt and I had gotten ourselves into. But I’m also reminded of all the advice I received so I can sort out the not so great and pass on the life-altering. Besides the issues I’m currently going through as a parent, I’ll also be reminiscing about what I’ve experienced over the past two years.

To My Valentine

February is the month for lovers. However, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day has been less than a fantasy since my husband and I added a third person to our relationship, our son.

I call it a victory if I get a card on Valentine’s Day (an actual Valentine’s Day card, not the eight of diamonds). Due to this thing called life, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day last year the night before we celebrated Cole’s first birthday (which was in April). I know the day is just a day and you should show your significant other how much you love and appreciate them all year long, but sometimes we need to take a day to remind ourselves and each other how great it is to have one another. Since time and money are tight, we get more creative.

Hello, my name is …

If you haven’t read the background on all the people who make up LowcountryChild.com, here’s a little about me and my family. I’m a working mom with one toddler son, Cole, and a very supportive husband, Curt. I have very high expectations of myself, which is why the first few months of motherhood were so difficult. I didn’t feel as if I was succeeding at being a mother, and that was a feeling I was not used to. Being a mom is by far the hardest job I’ve ever had. Balancing work and family is always a challenge - but I know personally that I’m a better mom and wife by working. Thankfully, I have a great husband who is really involved in the parenting process. He not only plays ball and wrestles with Cole, but he feeds him and changes the dirty diapers, too. I can’t say I won’t vent on occasion about the husband/wife dynamics in this blog, but I know I’m very lucky.

Where's my job description?

When I was beating on the concrete wall in the waiting area of Beaufort Memorial Hospital, neither Curt nor I had any idea of how our lives would change 11 hours into the future. We had read all the books, attended all the classes we were instructed to attend, but that in no way prepared us what it took to be real parents. I will start this blog by saying I’m not here to tell you how to be a GOOD parent or the RIGHT things to do. I’m here to share my experiences of being a REAL mom. I’ve entitled this blog Dirty Diapers because this will be the place that I‘ll be airing my dirty diapers, instead of dirty laundry. I plan to share my experiences as a busy, working mom in hopes that I’m not the only one going through these things.

Get back into shape but don't kill yourself

As a new mother, taking time to develop a workout routine might seem impossible. But building up an exercise regimen before and after baby will get you looking like your pre-pregnancy self and help you feel like the person you were before swollen ankles and lower back pain took over.

Always check with your doctor before working out, but most say it is safe to continue working out while you’re pregnant if it’s already part of your routine and to get back into a workout routine at least six weeks post-partum. Here are some tips to help you get started.