Dirty Diapers

Sometimes parenting can be down right messy. Bluffton mom Laura Jacobi doesn't hold back in her blog that airs the dirty diapers on parenting a toddler and balancing work, family and "me" time.

What Not-To-Do List

My to-do list would be shorter if it said, "what not to do." I'm sure this is a blog that most women can relate to.

Dealing with Mr. Independent

Curt and I prided ourselves on never really treating Cole like a baby. Now, don't get me wrong, there are times when we "baby" him, but we didn't speak to him in baby talk and we always encouraged him to make that extra push and try to do things for himself. For the most part, I think that parenting strategy has paid off.

No Pink For You

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with a second child, part of me hoped for a girl. I had always wanted one of each and more specifically a boy first and then a girl. I thought to myself, "this is perfect, exactly what I always wanted." So, from the very beginning I began looking for signs. I didn't get morning sickness with this one - I got sick at night, so it must be different. I felt different, I was carrying differently, the heartrate was so high, etc., etc.

Double the fun, double the worry?

I’ll start this blog by saying my husband and I grew up as only children. Curt has a half sister 14 years younger and because they never lived together, he never experienced sharing his life with a sibling.

When Curt and I first began discussing our future and starting a family, we knew we would try for two children. Even though we both loved all the attention we received as only children, as we've gotten older, we've seen the benefits of having a sibling to turn to during family situations.

Ode to Big Boy Underwear

How I long for you to be a permanent fixture in our lives. How I wish you would stay clean and dry for an entire day. How I wish my son could wear them when we go out of the house without fear that we'll return home to a soaking wet car seat.

Yes, I'm talking about potty training. Since the new year began, we've slowly been introducing Cole to using the potty. We tried to do hard-core training over the Christmas/New Year break and it didn't go so well. He wasn't ready. Since then, we've put him on the potty a few times a day, but kept the diaper thing going.

Who has time for quality time?

Every once in a while a new study will pop up about over scheduling your kids. Is it good for them? Is it bad for the family? Etc., etc.

Mama wok (work)

As your child grows and learns, it’s always amazing to see the new words they begin to say and new concepts they pick up on. But sometimes you wish they'd stop being so smart. This is definitely true when it comes to Cole realizing the reason he doesn't see Mama in the morning is because I've already left for work. 

Round 2: How to talk to overly helpful grandmothers

I learned from a friend of mine that her mother was staying with her for close to a month after her first baby was born. I was amazed at that fact. I had my mom with me for about a week and a half and my mother-in-law for one week, and by then Curt and I were ready to have some time on our own. I’m sure we could have used more help, but not sure I could have taken either grandmother for a full month at that point.

How much is too much love?

I’ve struggled with the idea of writing these blogs for awhile now - trying to figure out the best way to handle it. But I’ve decided it’s time - it’s time to express my feelings about grandparents. I’m doing this because I feel they’re a common topic when you become a parent - dealing with YOUR parents. I plan to write two blogs on two different subjects I struggle with. Then, hopefully I won’t have to bring it up again.

Lay your head and rest

Those of you who know me or are fans of Lowcountry Child's Facebook page most likely have heard me mention Cole’s fascination with sleeping on the floor. 

In December, we transitioned him from his crib to a toddler bed and things were going OK. I had to keep assuring him he was safe in his new surroundings but that only took a few days and he loved it so much, he would just hang out in the bed until we came to get him in the morning. Curt and I felt so lucky.