All about L.A.F.

Tripp Ritchie is director of The Lowcountry Autism Foundation, Inc. (LAF). LAF was founded as an all-volunteer organization in 2007 by a local group of dedicated clinicians, families and volunteers. The foundation, which was the vision of Tami Lawrence and Tripp Ritchie, aims to provide direct financial, service and advocacy support to individuals and families living with autism in the four southernmost counties of South Carolina. LAF, Inc. supports and promotes evidence-based treatment and intervention strategies commonly utilized in mainstream practice.

Not All Therapists are the Same

The Challenge: Not all Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are the same.

ABA is widely recognized by various state and federal agencies (e.g. U. S. Surgeon General, New York State Department of Health) as a safe and effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Autism Awareness: Hitting the wall

Parents with children on the autism spectrum are sometimes so focused on running the race to find the right type and amount of help that they experience burnout. There is an old saying in running that goes, “Even pace wins the race.”

Autism Spectrum Disorder ... Now what?

Once a child has received a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the next step is to develop a treatment plan. Treatments break down into two broad categories, medical management and non-medical interventions.  

Asperger’s: Autism With A Twist

From “Look Me In The Eye,” John Elder Robison’s New York Times Best Seller, we learn:

“Asperger’s syndrome isn’t all bad. It can bestow rare gifts. Some Aspergerians have truly extraordinary natural insight into complex problems… It was a lonely and painful way to grow up… I hope readers-especially those who are struggling to grow up or live with Asperger’s- will see the twists and turns and unconventional choices I made led to a pretty good life…”

John Robison was not diagnosed with Asperger’s until he was in his late 30s. John is very successful today and provides valuable insight into what it was like growing up without a diagnosis.

Parents, Pediatricians and Autism

When a parent first realizes there is something different about their child, most want answers and reassurances as soon as possible and most parents rely on the family’s pediatrician for guidance and direction.